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Using Nimble Storage Handover for SQL Datacenter Move

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Using Nimble Storage Handover for SQL Datacenter Move

I am working on a datacenter move project and I wanted to know if anyone has experience in using the Nimble Storage Volume Handover in regards to SQL Cluster in Production scenrio. My idea was to move the passive node to the secondary location and use the Nimble replication to seed the data and log volumes there. Once cutover time is reached shutdown the cluster in the primary site and handover the volumes and attach them to the passive node is this is viable process? Any gotcha's in windows or SQL I have to be aware of?

Any pointing to appropriate or helpful documentation is appreciated.


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Re: Using Nimble Storage Handover for SQL Datacenter Move

Hi Cecil,

I have performed the migration of storage on a Windows cluster from one array to another using storage replication but this was for the purpose of capacity management when our arrays were on v1.4 OS.

Probably the biggest determining factor that might affect the move for you is, is there any subnet changes, in particular for the cluster and cluster groups? If there needs to be no IP changes for your move then it should be as simple as you describe. You will want to disconnect all iscsi sessions on the node you are moving first. It will just sit there until you offline the cluster resources, handover and reconnect the iscsi sessions.

If there needs to be cluster IP changes then it might still be doable but will probably be more complex!

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Re: Using Nimble Storage Handover for SQL Datacenter Move


I would recommend contacting Nimble Support by calling support Toll Free: 1-877-364-6253, or emailing them at

They would be better able to assist you with the proper procedure after looking at your environment.