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difference between Nimble and Nimble DHCI

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difference between Nimble and Nimble DHCI

Hi all

Is the difference between a regular Nimble machine and Nimble DHCI machine

only in the controller operating system or is it also in the controller itself.

I know that there are compulsory network connections but that can also be configured

on any Nimble




Re: difference between Nimble and Nimble DHCI

Nimble Array and Nimble dHCI Array may look the same. However, they are different in terms of its functionality and use.

dHCI feature will be ENABLED only in the HPE factory. Customers cannot enable dHCI feature on a normal Nimble Array.

I work for HPE

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Re: difference between Nimble and Nimble DHCI


Indeed - dHCI is an disaggregated-HCI management solution, built to use HPE Proliant servers & VMware vSphere alongside the Nimble dHCI-enabled array as a single solution. It brings end to end deployment, management, 1-click lifecycle management and HPE Infosight AI-Ops - all integrated through a single management plane of VMware vCenter.

We don't charge additional for the dHCI capabilitiies - however the system is imaged from the factory specifically for dHCI and end-users are not able to convert from regular to dHCI, or from dHCI to regular Nimble.

Nick Dyer
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