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2930F layer 3 bundle interfaces

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2930F layer 3 bundle interfaces

Hi.  I have fibre connection from location 1 and location 2 to 3rd site connected to a 2930F to make the ring complete. STP is not an option. Is it possible for the 2930f to present two interfaces as one single layer 3 interface?Skjermbilde.PNG

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Re: 2930F layer 3 bundle interfaces

No, routed interface is not supported...if both interfaces of Aruba 2930F are tagged/untagged members of VLAN 123...if (R)STP is not an option in your topology...if what I see is a real physical ring (involving three switcheds) and a logical ring (involving VLAN 123)...then - I'm afraid - you're going to have an hard networking loop and, consequently, a nasty broadcast storm to deal with (and no STP saving your day...).

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