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802.1x after MAC-based authentication

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802.1x after MAC-based authentication

I'm looking to do MAC-based authentication and 802.1x on the same switch port. I've got this successfully working, but what I'm not sure is possible, is getting the MAC-based authentication to happen first. Obviously in the case of an end user connecting to the port we want to attempt a non-intrusive authentication method first, before prompting the user for input.

On a Brocade switch it's as simple as authentication auth-order mac-auth dot1x but I don't see anything similar on the HP side. Is this possible?

Richard Litchfield
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Re: 802.1x after MAC-based authentication

MAC-Auth and .1x fire at the same time. There is no config option to change that today. There is talk it will come in a later firmware (later in 2018)