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ACL programming on a HP 5304xl

Occasional Visitor

ACL programming on a HP 5304xl

Hi all

I am struggling in setting up ACLs on a fairly old HP 5304XL Core switch.

I have 4 VLANS (7,8,9 and 11) programmed, all with routing enabled (IP Routing and RIP for each VLAN)

VLANS 7,8 and 9 all need to be routed so devices can be seen across all 3 VLANs.

A server in VLAN 11 should only see another server in VLAN 7 via port 443 (all other ports blocked).

The server in VLAN 7 should only see the server in VLAN 11 via port 443 (all other ports blocked). VLAN 7 still needs to see all devices in VLANS 8 and 9.

How would the ACLs need to be programmed? Would i need to use port based or VLAN based ACL?