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Alert list


Alert list

Hi all,

Im using a HP 2920-48G-POE+ Switch (J9729A) switch, now I would like to know what alerts the switch has. Some kind of list of all snmp-alerts. For example i looking for overheating alert.

Thanks all

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Re: Alert list


I would reccomend using monitoring system , my prefered is Icinga2  , by usiing such monitoring system you can pool switch status Via SNMP .

In addition you have sites that are specilzed for almost any type of equipent check plug-in

Here for example some snmp oid for Hp procurve

              .   Fun status
              . Temprature status

.  Power Supply status

.  Memory usage (bytes)

.  Cpu usage (5min avg)


Re: Alert list

already using an monitor tool, but just wanted to know if there is an alert for overheating :-) just in case because the location of the switch is not realy optimal.

Thank you