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Aruba 2920: creating a CSR via web gui

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Aruba 2920: creating a CSR via web gui

I'm looking at the GUI of a 2920 running WB.16.02.0010 and under "Security" there is an option "SSL" for creating CSRs. This option seems to be missing in WB.16.03.003. On the next-gen user interface there is no "SSL" option under "Security", and I can't seem to find it anywhere else either. I checked release notes, but didn't see anything relevant. Am I missing something?


/I know CSR's can be generated on the command line, but it's much easier via GUI.


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Re: Aruba 2920: creating a CSR via web gui

Next Gen Ui doesn't have all the options implemented in 16.03, From Nextgen Web UI, we can back to Legacy Web UI -> click on the "User Details" human face icon on the right hand corner, there is a blue button to launch "Traditional GUI" which takes to legacy Web UI.

or easier way to legacy web Ui is "http://<ip.address>html/nhome.html"