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Cannot pass single VLAN

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Cannot pass single VLAN

Have few edge stacks (2920) connected to Core stack of Comware based 5900AF via single 10Gb fibre

All routing done by Core

Each stack have the same various VLANs defined (tagged and/or untagged ports)

On every stack every VLAN works. But on one stack a single VLAN does not work (all the other VLANs work fine on that stack)

I have same setup as everywhere, gbic port tagged on 2920, some copper ports on 2920 untagged.

From that 2920 stack I CAN ping Core IP of the VLAN in question and/or DHCP server, but plug in any device to an untagged port and nothing (no IP received, and if set static, no communication)

I have checked, rechecked, re-created, rebooted. Nothing.

Drives me totally insane. Anybody has any idea how to start tackling it?




Re: Cannot pass single VLAN

Hi @spgsitsupport 

Can you share the configuration from the core and non working edge stack,the VLAN number, the interface number where you are connecting the PC on edge switch and testing.


Thank You!
I am an HPE Employee

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