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DHCP Server for Multiple Vlan

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DHCP Server for Multiple Vlan

Hi guys, i just bought a layer 3 switch HPE Aruba 2930F 4SFP. Im really new with these networking solution.

I'm doing a lab for my company:

There are 3 VLAN:

VLAN1 (default): IP - For all desktop in company.

Vlan10 (Wifi): IP - For all Wifi Clients.

Vlan20 (DMZ): IP - For AD, DHCP server, Storage (AD and DHCP on same machine)

My idea is:

- DHCP Server will handle all DHCP Request from all Vlan.

- VLan1 and Vlan20 can access to DMZ Zone (VLAN20) but can't access each other.

- All Vlan can access to Internet.


Thanks and Best Regards.



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Re: DHCP Server for Multiple Vlan

What's your question?

I'm not an HPE Employee
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