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Distributed trunking on 2530-series

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Distributed trunking on 2530-series

I have 2 switches 2530-24G-PoEP (J9773A)  
software/rom versions : YA.15.17.0007, ROM YA.15.17

In 'Management and Configuration Guide for YA/YB.15.16' (Part Number: 5998-6816 Published: October 2014 Edition: 1) it is explained how to do distributed trunking.

I've checked, in the guide I mentioned above, that the switches are listed in 'Applicable products'. Software versions are more recent that the ones the guide is based on.

But when, in config mode, I enter the command 'switch-interconnect' it says “Invalid input”. I tried the exact same thing  on a 5406zl to check I'm doing this correctly, and that switch recognized the command.

So it seems than these switches can't do distributed trunking, despite what is said in the guide.

Is there something I overlooked ? Is there an error in the guide ? Or is there a way to do distributed trunking with these switches ?

Trusted Contributor

Re: Distributed trunking on 2530-series



As far as I know distributed trunking is not available on this switches. I got curious and wanted to check myself.


This should be the link to the document you are referring to.




I was not able to find any instructions on how to configure distributed trunking. On which page exactly do you see it?

Emil /HPN
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Re: Distributed trunking on 2530-series


Thank you for answering.

The document you put a link to is a newer version of the one I was referring to.

On my document it's on page 95. At the end of chapter 4 there's a sub-chapter called« Distributed trunking », after the sub-chapter « Outbound traffic ... ».

But indeed in your document it is absent…

I must say I have an older version of this document (Software version YA.15.10 November 2012) where this sub-chapter is also absent.

I thought that the « Distributed trunking » functionality was brought by a newer software version, but it seems now that it is as I supposed an error in the document I have (or maybe a certain software version had this functionality and it did not work correctly on these switches and was removed).

So it seems that these switches don't do distributed trunking. It would have been nice, but I'll find another way to do what I need to do.

Again, thank you for your answer.

P.S.:  I could not find the original link, but in case you want to see it I attached to this msg the document I was talking about

Honored Contributor

Re: Distributed trunking on 2530-series

The 2530 manual version I have has no mention of distributed trunking:

HP Part Number: 5998-5706
Published: March 2014


So they added DT to the 2530 manual some time in 2014 and then took it out again.