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HP 2620 empty igmp statistic tables


HP 2620 empty igmp statistic tables


I have some HP switches in LAN - some 2910al and some 2620. One of 2910al is the core switch.

I have IGMP enabled on all switches, IGMP querier is enaled on the core switch only (enabling querier on all switches doesn't change anything). Other parts of configuration are almost the same on all switches.

I have 2 VLAN - VLAN1 (default, untagged), VLAN50 - management (tagged for uplink ports and port to connect management PC). All switches have different IP addresses in both VLANs.

A lot of hosts, connected to 2910al, has subscribed to some multicast addresses. The sources of multicast traffic are located on 2620.

I try to control multicast statistics on switches using "show ip igmp vlan 1" command on all switches.

I can see correct "Active group addresses" info on 2910al only (the core and access switches). On 2620 all info is empty - no active groups, no records. By the way, it shows the correct port the querier is located on.

In the same time I see that multicast traffic is flowing the correct way. I can't see it on other ports on 2620, and I see it on subsribed ports on 2910al access switches.

2620 has 15.18.12  firmware, 2910al - 15.14.13.

Any ideas why I see no stats on 2620?