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HP 5412 removing wrongly set ip route

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HP 5412 removing wrongly set ip route

Hi evryone,

one of my colleagues was trying a new setting on one of our remote sites and set a new ip route as below:

Destination        Gateway          VLAN  Type      Sub-Type     Metric     Dist

XXX.27.0.161/32    XXX.28.248.38    100      ospf        External2      10         110 

Now I can't remove this route. I tried 

#conf t

#no ip route XXX.27.0.161 vlan 100
 (but I get this) The route not found or not configurable.

Any ideas how to remove this setting?



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Richard Litchfield
Respected Contributor

Re: HP 5412 removing wrongly set ip route

It looks like that is a route being updated dynamically via OSPF, not a static route that you can delete. You will need to work out the OSPF routing and remove it or restrict it from there.

Try these:

show ip route
show ip route ospf
sh ip ospf

Re: HP 5412 removing wrongly set ip route


Thanks for advice Richard

This is exactly what I had to do. As the sub-type of the route was External2 (at least that what was called on our network) I had to work out from which switch it was comming from.

We had a trainer a guy called Steve very helpful so he basicly solved it by first looking at the output of

#show ip ospf external-link-state

This then gave me the router id and then used

#show ip ospf link-state router-id ip addr

which pointed out all the networks for that router-id

One of the switches on the list had the sttic route I was trying to remove . After this was the normal #no ip route command to remove the route. Problem solved.

In case others come acros the same issue.


Bro Morganwg Networks and UC