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Hp 5400zl vs HP A5500

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Hp 5400zl vs HP A5500

dear all >>

I have a problem on my E-Series switches are connected via a trunk on an A-series switch.
I get in the log is always the info:

00828 lldp: PVID mismatch on port B22(VID unknown)with peer device port Ten-GigabitEthernet1/0/10(VID 1)(4831)

vlans are same at both  sides .

 5400zl switches are the core in our site connected to a5500 series .

i use the this  command to stop the notification  no lldp config dot1TlvEnable port-vlan-id but its still up >> 

what should i do .


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Re: Hp 5400zl vs HP A5500

This issue - due to a misconfiguration WRT untagged VLAN PVID mismatch - was already discussed here in the past (some threads explain how to fix the logged message by ignoring it some others show how to fix it by eliminating the mismatching cause) so perform a research within the whole forum if you want.

There are also very good external references here (this one is very good IMHO), here and here, those ones explain why the issue happens (and hence it is logged) and how to solve it.

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Re: Hp 5400zl vs HP A5500

many thanks brother .. good information .