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Optimizing a 2920-24G for iSCSI


Optimizing a 2920-24G for iSCSI

I'm intalling a medium Nimble Storage CS300 w/ 1GbE and 3 VMware nodes.  Going to use two ProCurve 2920-24G switches for the iSCSI and vMotion traffic.  I understand this isn't the best switch due to per-port buffers, but I'm getting the blessing from my VAR and a Nimble engineer due to my environment and aggregating several 1GbE ports.


I'll have 7 ports for iSCSI on each switch and 3 ports for vMotion on each switch.  There will be a VLAN for iSCSI, a VLAN for vMotion, and a VLAN for management.


I'm looking at optmizing the 2920 the best for my iSCSI traffic.  I've read about QoS queues on the other higher end switches and those commands seem to be on my 2920 with the latest firmware.


Has anyone used a 2920 for iSCSI and did you have any issues?


How did you setup the queues to give your iSCSI ports/VLAN the most buffers?



Thanks for any assistance.


Re: Optimizing a 2920-24G for iSCSI

So after reading other posts... I did the following:


qos queue-config 2-queues

vlan 60 qos priority 3


MR0-2920-1(config)# show qos queue-config

Egress Queue Configuration

Number of Queues : 2

Queue Priorities
----- ----------
1 0-3
2 4-7


Anything else I should do??

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Re: Optimizing a 2920-24G for iSCSI

I have been strongly recommended by other iSCSI vendors to enable flow-control on interfaces used for iSCSI.


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Re: Optimizing a 2920-24G for iSCSI

I'm looking at a set up VERY similar to the one you describe here, and I'm trying to determine which switches to go for.


At the moment we're trying to find the right procurve model(s) for iSCSI, without breaking the bank, and we're also considering the Juniper EX3300.


How did you get along with this setup and how are your switches holding up?


Any additional thoughts?


We won't be using NIC trunking but we will be using VMWare Round Robin and multipathing, with a Quad 1Gb NIC on each host dedicated entirely to iSCSI.