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Procurve Inter Switch links with mutiple Voice Vlans


Procurve Inter Switch links with mutiple Voice Vlans

If I have a Procurve Switch that is acting as an interswitch link between an edge switch and a destination switch for an IP phone(s) do I have to setup the QOS/Voice vlan command on  that switch as well? My phone vendor thinks I have to. Any info would be appreciated.



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Re: Procurve Inter Switch links with mutiple Voice Vlans

Generally, on a LAN you don't have much need for QoS - but that assumes you have provisioned enough bandwidth so that you never get any congestion anywhere.
Anywhere where you are under-provisioned for bandwidth, QoS is critical. But you should never under-provision bandwidth

Personally, I ensure my bandwidth is adequately provisioned on every step of the path, then I configure QoS anyway, so voice will never be the cause of any complaints either way.

So the answer is - study your traffic, QoS may not be capable of ever have any effect on the switch you are talking about, but you should configure QoS anyway.

It's hard to provide specific advice without understanding your topology and setup - the expression "destination switch" doesn't mean anything to me. Also, HP mistakenly call Access switches "edge switches" so that's another area you need to be clearer about.