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Procurve config backup

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Darren Etheridge_2
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Procurve config backup

is there a CLI command on the Procurve 5406zl switches that I can backup the switch configuration?

Jeff Carrell
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Re: Procurve config backup

Copy a saved config or running config to a tftp server:

Switch# copy tftp

example from running to file:

Switch# copy run tftp config1.cfg


Get this CLI ref guide, it shows how to configure HP ProVision, HP Comware5 and Cisco switches for lots of different functions, in a side-by-side comparison, so if you know one CLI, you see how to do it in a different CLI:

More than you may need, but good, concise bits of info.

Mohammed Faiz
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Re: Procurve config backup

You can also backup the config remotely with SSH and SCP enabled on the switch ("ip ssh" and "ip ssh filetransfer"), using:

(for example)

pscp -scp -l USERNAME -pw PASSWORD -2 c:\switch.cfg
Roman Priesol
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Re: Procurve config backup

..or you can use automated backup solution with configuration versioning (it's not only cisco...).

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Re: Procurve config backup

I am trying to configure rancid for hp 2530-8g switch, it works fine when there is no login configured on switch. But as soon as I set password for manager, rancid starts fail to login to switch. It looks like prompt issues with HP switch. 

Can somebody please help here.
add user manager
add password manager
add method ssh


Rancid version is 3.7.