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Frequent Advisor General Date Codes??

Hi folks,

Just to see if anyone can enlighten me of where or how could i find the date code of the main board in relation to a procurve switch.....can it be found through the console someway or would it be externally or possibly both any idea whre and how it would be recorded ?????



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Re: General Date Codes??


I doubt any (Hardware component related) manufactoring datecode is registered in the firmware...but looking physically to a Switch mainboard (just an example here) - so chassis opened, warranty void - you should be able to find a four numbers numeric code like the 2804 printed near the HP graphic logo (note the typical LCD techno font used) in the picture taken as example, well...generally it should represent - with the standard format WWYY (Week of the Year followed by the Year) - the motherboard manufactoring date.

Note also there is a 25APR03...which is a possible date reference too. Don't know if any Switch's motherboard has these reference stamped or not...but it's a starting point to answer your question.

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Re: General Date Codes??

Hi Parnassus,

Thanks for your reply, I was hoping i could avoid opening the units up to keep the warranty but it is not looking to good so far lol ill have another look about and let you know how it goes, been trying some other commands to see if anything relates to a date code..............thanks again