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Procurve trunk setup and port aggregation advice

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Procurve trunk setup and port aggregation advice



I'm trying to check my sanity on a potential configuration I'm plannig at present I have 3 switches


2610-24 pwr with 2 sfp

2610-48 pwr with 2 sfp

1920G-48 with 4 sfp


At the momemnt the switches are just joined together via access ports.


My questions are:


1.  is it possible to create a trunk from each of the 2610's to run into the 1920g therefore making the 1920g the core switch if so would lacp need to be enabled in active or passive mode for vlan traffic (at present we have two vlans default and voice) Im planning on moving away from the default vlan.


2. The 1920G seems to have a different CLI from the 2610s when I create the Aggregation on the two ports would this need to be  dynamic with lacp enabled?


3. I presume Spanning Tree needs to be enabled on at least one switch?


4. Do you need crossover cables for the trunks?