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Re: Recover switch after firmware upgrade

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Recover switch after firmware upgrade


i would like to upgrade HP Switch 5412zl (J8698A) firmware from K.15.13.0005 to the newest version.
What would be the procedure to recover the switch in case something will go wrong? I mean how to go back to previous firmware:
a) in case the switch will get up after reboot
b) in the worse case scenario, if the switch won't get up after reboot with new firmware?

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Re: Recover switch after firmware upgrade

By default the Primary Flash would be updated if you dont specify the Flash Partition ( Primary | Secondary)


If the updated flash fails to boot, it would automatically load from the alternate flash


Before Update -> Keep the backup of Config Safe


Having Serial Connection (Console) connection is must to recover if the flash is corrupted


Xmodem is the method which helps in pushing the firmware to flash


I am sharing a third party link, which would be clear enough to recover the flash. However, contacting HP is recommended if you find difficulties following this.