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Routing issue within stack

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Routing issue within stack

I have two HP E3800's in a stack (Ring).  

I am setting these up brand new as our new core switch.  The config of the new core is modelled after our old core.

 I have programmed the stack, and setup 6 workstations to test vlan communication in the stack.


PC# vlan into IP address Subnet Mask Gateway 1 3 2/2 2 4 1/45 3 5 1/48 4 8 1/2 5 15 2/40 6 801 2/44

each test PC is able to ping all of the gateways, but none of the PCs on other vlans.  as a test I moved PC3 from vlan 5 to vlan 4, plugged it into a vlan4 port, gave it a vlan 4 IP address subnet mask and gateway, and it was able to talk to PC2 (the other vlan 4 PC).  I assumed that because the vlans have been given IP addresses they are routable, and therefore each vlan should be able to talk to the others (please correct me if I am mistaken, I'm not exactly an HP networking guru :))


I have attached the switch config,  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks much,



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Re: Routing issue within stack

You're right. Routing between VLAN interfaces occurs automatically.

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Re: Routing issue within stack

I think all you are missing is the global command "ip routing".


If that doesn't do it, next make sure that all of your clients point to this switch as their default gateway and you may have to turn off any firewalls. Windows firewall can block pings from off subnet while allowing local pings, for example.