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Stack SNMP monitoring

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Stack SNMP monitoring

Hi All,
I have been trying to work out how to monitor the stack status of a HP E3800 physcial stack. I have found numerous posts with nagios etc on monitoring basic status of the switches but not the stack status.


There used to be a method with the procurve switches where you could access the switch stack members by appending @sw# to the SNMP community name but this seems to have been removed. I was hoping to monitor the additional members and if the query to the member failed it would be assumed the stack member is missing.


I have found MIB information for the HP virtual stack setup but not when using physcial stacking ports/modules/cables.


Has anyone managed to get any form of proactive stack monitoring happening in their enviroments?


Thanks Tom :)

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Re: Stack SNMP monitoring

Did you find out a solution? I have the same problem ...

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Re: Stack SNMP monitoring

Glad to see I am not the only one having an issue like this.

I had a member down but no alerts to tell me this! I thought I would try and go down the route of finding a MIB for the stacking module, as these are ports maybe there is a MIB for these.

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Re: Stack SNMP monitoring

Same issue here...

Anyone found anythign in meantime?

Michael Patmon
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Re: Stack SNMP monitoring

Stack member loss should generate a "warning" severity event and corresponding SNMP trap.  Same for removal/insertion of the stacking module itself.  The trap isn't generated by default, you have to configure your trap receiver for a trap-level of "not-info" to receive it.  Agree this should be generated by default.

snmp-server host community "public" trap-level not-info

W 04/26/16 17:34:26 03258 stacking: ST1-CMDR: Standby switch with Member ID 3
removed due to loss of communication
I 04/26/16 17:34:25 02559 chassis: ST4-MMBR: Stack port 1 is now off-line.
I 04/26/16 17:34:26 02559 chassis: ST2-MMBR: Stack port 3 is now off-line.
W 04/26/16 17:34:26 03270 stacking: ST1-CMDR: Topology is a Chain

2016-04-26 14:59:30 UDP: []:161->[]:162) TRAP, SNMP v1, community public
SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises. Enterprise Specific Trap (2) Uptime: 7:56:28.00
RMON-MIB::eventDescription.3258 = STRING: W 04/26/16 17:34:26 03258 stacking: ST1-CMDR: Standby switch with Member ID 3
removed due to loss of communication