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Transceiver Recommendation.

Occasional Contributor

Transceiver Recommendation.

I have a HP 6600 (J8452A) and HP 2530(J9775A), I had a fiber OM2 and wanted to connect this 2 devices.

The issue I found is that my hp-6600 has SPF+ 10G slots, my HP-2530 SPF 1GB.

My transceivers are SPF J4859C 1GB, now that I have this issue.

The manual of the HP-6600 say that support SPF and SPF+, what I need to do to connect my HP-6600 to current switch?

My HP-2530 is working without issues, thanks.

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Re: Transceiver Recommendation.

Well, you can't connect a 1Gb interface to a 10Gb interface so unless you want to put in a media converter between them, you will need to replace your 2530 with a newer model that supports 10Gb:

HP 2530-48G-2SFP+ Switch(J9855A)

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Re: Transceiver Recommendation.

first of all this part number J8452A is for HP 1-port T1 + DSX-1 dl Module (1-port ADSL2+ Annex A dl Module supports ADSL/ADSL2/ADSL2+ over POTS lines) , however if you want to connect the SFP+ port in your HP 6600 Router to the SFP port in your HP 2530 i believe you can do this by using the SFP SX Transceivers which is compatible with each switch/module
as long as using the same wavelength and same speed , you will be fine
the sfp+ port it self in most of the cases can be used to be equipped with SFP or SFP+ Transceivers



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Re: Transceiver Recommendation.

You're right - the 6600 manual says it supports 1Gb transceivers in its SFP+ ports. I must have been thinking of a different switch model which caught me out in this way because its 10Gb ports didn't support 1Gb SFPs.