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VLAN setup on Procurve 3500yl

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VLAN setup on Procurve 3500yl

We have a Procurve 1810G switch that all our 12 x Wireless Access Points (Cisco WAP371) are connect to. This switch then in turn connects to our Firewall (Zyxel Zywall) - this also supplies DHCP for each VLAN. All are setup with VLAN 1 (admin) , 10 (staff) and 20 (guest) for separate WIFI lans - this is working well. Port 1-12, where our access points are connected to, is untag for vlan 1 and tagged for vlan 10 and 20.

We are replacing current Procurve 1810G with a Procurve 3500yl PoE switch we have so we can use PoE to power these WAP321s.

So far I have setup VLAN's on the 3500yl identical to the 1810G. Our issue is when we connect wirelessly to the Access Points no DHCP address is supplied from firewall for VLAN 10 and 20 - VLAN 1 is working fine with DHCP. And as a test if we statically assigned an IP address to wireless client connecting on SSID associated with vlan 10 and we cannot ping through to firewall. So from what I can tell the Tagged VLANs are now not getting through the 3500yl to the firewall.

Does anyone have any idea what the config issue of this 3500yl switch might be for the VLANs? Is there something extra I need to configure on this Layer 3 switch as compared with the Layer 2 1810G switch? I am at a loss as to what the issue might be.


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Re: VLAN setup on Procurve 3500yl

Have you tagged the VLANs on the interface facing the firewall?


There are no L3 features that need to be configured here. 

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Re: VLAN setup on Procurve 3500yl

I factory reset the 3500yl switch, reapplied untagging/tagging required including interface facing firewall and VLAN tags now passing correctly. Thank you for your answer.

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Re: VLAN setup on Procurve 3500yl

Some it may be a driver Problem because of the computer need to config the driver certificate issue.