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arp-mcast-replies for IPv6

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arp-mcast-replies for IPv6

We use Watchguard firewalls, which in an Active/Active configuration use a multicast MAC addresses for the interfaces that begin with 01-00-5E which are assigned a unicast address.  A little unconventional, yes, but hardly unique, similar to microsoft's NLB and other vendors implementations.  Fully supported by Cisco, fortinet, extreme, etc...

HP in a software version around KA15.03 circa 2012 introduced the command "ip arp-mcast-replies" that would then arp unicast ips linked to multicast addresses which resolved our immediate problem.

The problem I am having now though, is that this does not solve the exact same issue for IPv6.  The switches will not populate the ND table with the multicast mac linked to the unicast IPv6 address.

Am I missing something?  I know cisco supports static nd entries, as do others, but since procurve still hasn't added that feature I am assuming thats just too much to ask for, however is there a command I have not been able to find that will at least allow the ND table to accept unicast ip addresses linked to multicast mac addresses?

If I havn't missed something and this is simply not presently possible, then just one more thing...This is 2018 ffs, not 2005!!!  Maybe less time on the fancy spinning fan graphics, more time on core networking features.  If I did miss something simple, my bad, sorry! :)