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unable to configure ACL

New Member

unable to configure ACL

we've got a bit of an odd problem.

We login to the CLi of a HP J9727A 2920 (Aruba) with admin rights. We need to change a bunch of lines in a access-list called "100" so flushing it and copy paste the new lines from a tekstfile is the easiest way to go.

When trying: no ip acces-list extended 100  it wil give no error but the access-list will remain unharmed. But when perform ip acces-list extended 100 then 1 permit ip192.168.100.100 any  it will add the new line and we are able to remove it, so we have the correct admin rights....

We also have tried to create a completly new ACL and assigning this to the right interfaces but no luck ther either... The new ACL is created but cannot be assigned to the interfaces.

Does anyone have a clue?