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C5173 DLT Library firmware problems

Occasional Contributor

C5173 DLT Library firmware problems

I recently bought two old Compaq 35/70 DLT libraries (series 4120, also known as HP model 7215w) with 2 DLT7000 drives each.

When I hook them up to LTT, one shows (correctly) as C5173-7000 and allows firmware upgrade (from currently 4.05) to 4.06. The other shows up as C5173-4000 (incorrectly, as it also has two DLT7000 drives which LTT sees) and refuses firmware upgrade (from 4.04) as HP has only firmware 3.05 as the newest firmware for the -4000.

So either someone flashed an incorrect firmware or someone changed the mainboard of the machine. But how got the 4.x firmware into a machine which only allows 3.x firmware?

Is there any chance to
1. tell the machine that it really is a -7000
2. force firmware upgrade to 4.06 ?

Any help greatly appreciated
Curtis Ballard
Honored Contributor

Re: C5173 DLT Library firmware problems

It is possible to force the firmware upgrade using a factory override password for LTT which you can get from the HP call center.