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Difference between autoloader and tape library

Pierre Pitteloud
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Difference between autoloader and tape library

Apart the storage capacity, what's the difference between a surestore autolader 1/9 and a surestore type library 2/20 ?

What functionnalities appear in one model and not in the other ?

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Re: Difference between autoloader and tape library

From a drive standpoint, only the 1/9 supports the DLT1 drive. Both support DLT8K and HP LTO.

The 2/20 can obviously support up to two drives.

Other differences:

* The remote management (web) card is standard in the 2/20, but optional in the 1/9.

* Only the 2/20 supports an internal fibre bridge.

* Only the 2/20 has a configurable mailslot (0,1, or 5 slots).

* The 1/9 uses one 6-slot magazine (with 3 fixed slots). The 2/20 uses 4 5-slot magazines.

* Both can be rack-mount or standalone.

* Lastly, the 1/9 is called an Autoloader because it supports 'stacker' mode, which allows it to be used without a host controlling the library.

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