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MSL5030 Library repeatedly scans tapes - revisited

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MSL5030 Library repeatedly scans tapes - revisited


Since that thread was closed,
I'll open a new thread for my follow-up.

The issue was Windows RSM (on another server) causing conflicts with the backup.

Disabling Windows RSM is backup app specific (some use RSM to manage the library), so it's best to consult the application documentation.

However for some apps, we also cover this in our design guides.

For example, with Backup Exec:

On page 19, it says "Disable the Removable Storage Manager Service on Windows to allow Backup Exec to control the library and drives. This reduces the potential for device conflicts".

There are also some external support documents on the HP web related to RSM issues. See the following:

Disable Win2000 RSM (also applies to Win2003):

Disable Win2003 Plug & Play polling:
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