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Problem with restore a backup!!!

Sukey Nakasima
Occasional Visitor

Problem with restore a backup!!!

I am a new user of Data Protector Express. I have the version 3.50 sp2 and my media device is DAT72 USB.

I have been making test for learn how to do this, but I can restore a backup. I have made 4 backups(one per day), but when I want to restore any backup, the application show me a fail that say that I do not have the correct media, only when I restore the last backup everything is fine.

I be waiting for any answer.

Sukey Nakasima
Olibe Babaco
Frequent Advisor

Re: Problem with restore a backup!!!

Hi Sukey,

if you wish to restore from previous version of a backup and not the latest one, you have to specify that from the version icon.

When you check my attachment you will see it.

I hope this will help You