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Sun Solaris 8 - DAT24eU

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Sun Solaris 8 - DAT24eU

Howdy All,

I need to know what I have to do to edit the st.conf file for a new installation of my DAT24eU.
I could not find anything at regarding Solaris 8 and DAT24eU's.
I did find however an article for Solaris 5.x

Should I use the same info from 5.x?

On another site forum one poster posted this statement:
"On a
side note, Solaris 8 does not require an st.conf file to explain the HP
DDS3 drives. Found this out by trial and error."

Before I follow an unknown posters recommendations I thought I'd ask the professionals - so HP please advise me.
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Re: Sun Solaris 8 - DAT24eU