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Using an RDX unit with VSphere


Using an RDX unit with VSphere

Hello all,


I wonder if anyone has experience of using an internal RDX unit within a ML350p Gen8?


I have installed VSphere ESXi5.5 on the ML350p and run a Microsoft SBS 2003 Virtual Machine. I have successfully passed through the RDX unit so it appears in SBS 2003.


The issue I am having is that the speed of backup using NTbackup or the Small Business Server backup is incredibly slow when point to the RDX unit. If I point the backup to use a folder on the local C:\ I get 10x the speed


I realize that SBS 2003 only supports USB2 so that will have an impact but I am getting quoted three days to backup 300Gb of data. Is this reasonable to expect?


Any help greatly appreciated