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loader problem with surestore 818

Occasional Contributor

loader problem with surestore 818

have a surestore 818 that we are currently experiencing several issues with.

the main issue right now is that the tape are not being taken out of the magazine.
for instance when switching on and going thru the initial inventory it will start to shudder as the transport doesn't seem to take the tape.
was thinking it may be work rollers. is there any other reason i should be looking at

thanks in advance
Honored Contributor

Re: loader problem with surestore 818

Can you tell us what error codes are being reported in the front panel?

Have you removed the magazine and looked to see if a tape (front or back slot) is not correctly latched?
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Re: loader problem with surestore 818

sorry but can't remember the notification that the loader shows, but it's soething like hardware error.

have taken the magazine out and cleaned and checked that tapes are ok.
have used completely different tapes but still same issue.

thanks for replying