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Accessing Blade Server

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Accessing Blade Server

Hi guys

I have a c7000 chassis with gen 9 half height blades installed. OA is setup and each blade can be accessed by iLO.

My question is what options do I have if my network connections to the OA fails?

Can I access the blades via some kind of console connection so I can log into the operating system on the blade if need be?

I don't have any kvm technology installed

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Re: Accessing Blade Server

Usually the OA in a C7000 is redundant, so if the primary somehow fails you can use the standby OA.

However, once the blades are up and running, you can access the OS via the configured networks thru the interconnects and as a last choice you can use the SUV cable and connect a screen to the blades directly or -if you have the KVM version of the OA - connect a screen to the OA.

Hope this helps!

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