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Adding a processor to server

Francis Flan
Regular Advisor

Adding a processor to server

I want to add a 2nd processor to a BL460c running Windows 2003 (with SAP CRM).
"Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System" is listed in the Device Manager.

I know in certain situations a rebuild is required.
Can i ask for input pls?
Honored Contributor

Re: Adding a processor to server

(Disclaimer: I'm not very familiar with current Microsoft server products: last time I worked with MS servers was with NT4 and early Win2k.)

If the existing processor is dual-core and both cores are working correctly before the upgrade, your server should already be multiprocessor-capable and no rebuild is needed.

If the existing processor was a single-core model, it might be necessary to switch to a multiprocessor HAL. However, Microsoft documentation seems to say that Windows 2003 can do that automatically when necessary: adding an extra CPU will cause "New Hardware Detected" at next system boot, and it will automatically install the multiprocessor HAL and reboot if necessary.

Even the lowest "Web Edition" of Windows 2003 can support two processors (even if they are dual- or quad-core ones), so it looks like there won't be a rebuild for licensing reasons either.

Igor Karasik
Honored Contributor

Re: Adding a processor to server

In windows 2003 you don't need to do any additional operations when you add CPU