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BL460c G6 firmware upgrade failure

Occasional Advisor

BL460c G6 firmware upgrade failure

I am attempting to update my BL460c firmware from 9.10c to 9.20b. I have been able to do this on all the cards but 2.

When I attempt to run the auto update it will do it's scan "Analyzing system for unattending updates. This may take several minutes." Then will come back with a "No updates needed" message.

I am running the update by mounting an image from the iLO.

When I attempt a manual install, and choose the "force a package" option it will install everything in that package, but fail to install the firmware.

If I run the auto update several times it will suddenly work.(This has happend on two other cards), and on a few cards it has worked the first time.

I have made no changes to anything between when it works and when it does not work.

Thank you,


Re: BL460c G6 firmware upgrade failure

Hello Howard,

It is recommended to use the "Smart Update Firmware DVD" to update blade server firmware:


The Smart Update Firmware DVD will take of the dependencies and sequence.

refer the "HP BladeSystem Firmware Deployment Tool User Guide" for deployment options:


Refer from page number 6 for "Using the Firmware Deployment Tool"
>"Updating an individual server locally"
>"Updating an individual server remotely"
>"Updating multiple servers simultaneously" And
>"Updating multiple enclosures simultaneously"

Also, refer the "HP BladeSystem Firmware Maintenance - Compatibility Matrix"


Also, refer the HP BladeSystem ProLiant Firmware Management Best Practices - Implementer guide:

And, HP BladeSystem ProLiant Firmware Management - Technical white paper:


Murali Mohan
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Re: BL460c G6 firmware upgrade failure

Thank you for the reply. I am using the HP Smart Update DVD downloaded fromt the link you provided. When booting to this ISO it gives a menu. One for automatic install and one for manual.

When I choose automatic it does not recognize that the firmware version is newer than the one currently on the card. I was finally able to get all of my firmware updated by continually running through the automatic process.

I have been through this process many times on several of our other lab enclosures with no issue. I only encountered it when upgrading from 9.10c to 9.20b.

I did not change any variables between when it finally worked, and the many times that it failed.

I also experimented with the manual install trying to use the "force" option, and it would also fail.

I am in the process of writing a document for our operations team, and need to understand why this is happening so I can note it in the document, or explain a work around for them.

Thank you,

Steve MacKenzie
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Re: BL460c G6 firmware upgrade failure

Are the Operating Systems the same on all blades.

I have found when we did this update that all our windows servers updated but some SUSE linux servers said no updates required.

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Re: BL460c G6 firmware upgrade failure

I ended up opening a case with HP, and they informed me that this is a common problem on blade servers, and they have a specific tool for it.


I have not had a chance to test it yet as all my firmware is 100% updated, but I may do a forced downgrade to test later.
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Re: BL460c G6 firmware upgrade failure

see previous post