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BL460c: cannot get into ILO from OA webpage

Occasional Advisor

BL460c: cannot get into ILO from OA webpage

I have a BL460C that doesn't look like an OS is installed on it, it constantly reboots into PXE boot. I want to upgrade the firmware and ILO on it, but can't get into the ILO interface from the OA webpage. It seems that the sso isn't passing credentials correctly.

I can get to the ILO page for the server, but cannot get past the login screen. On a server without an OS, is there a way around this?

I'd prefer to not have to install an OS on this blade to get the firmware/ilo up to date.

Adrian Clint
Honored Contributor

Re: BL460c: cannot get into ILO from OA webpage

You dont need an OS for the iLO - thats the whole point of iLO.

1. Use the iLO "Administrator" account to login. The password should be on the lablel on the server.
2. You may have to clear the "Administrator" password. See the inside of the server lid for the DIP switch to set next time the server is powered up.

You could also try removing the server and placing it in a different slot after a couple of mins.
Occasional Advisor

Re: BL460c: cannot get into ILO from OA webpage

RE 1. I'd try that, except for whoever deployed these blades removed the label

RE 2. I'll check that out.

RE 3. This may be my best bet. What I'm really concerned about is that Single Sign On through the Onboard Administrator isn't working. It's fine on my other 14 blades, but not on this one.
Honored Contributor

Re: BL460c: cannot get into ILO from OA webpage

Hi Jeff,

I have seen this before on our blades where after too many attempts (successful or not) to access the iLO page via the OA, we are prevented from using that connection method and must instead log on with an account already configured on the iLO processor. I think this may have to do with iLO not always terminating sessions cleanly combined with a limit on the number of local accounts that you can have.

If moving the blade to another bay fails for you, you can directly connect to the blade server by using a SUV cable and attaching to the front of it. This will give you a console to the server -- from here press F8 when prompted to enter the iLO configuration screen and set the password to something you can remember.

Good luck!
Valued Contributor

Re: BL460c: cannot get into ILO from OA webpage

Boot on the FW 8.60 CD or on the blade update CD to update ILO and so on, you can also start a telnet session to the onboard administrator and update the ILO's from there (update ILO's all url to ilo FW bin