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BL465c boot from SAN problems with QMH2462

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BL465c boot from SAN problems with QMH2462

We have a problem recently where we have some BL465c's where we have boot from SAN working. These are running vmware and after a update and these have rebooted. Some of these have suddenly stopped booting from SAN.

I don't have access to software side of this, i'm only a hardware engineer. Any ideas on what to do would be much apreciated.

I can tell you were running ILO 1.50 and and OA firmware 2.20. I have asked if they can upgrade these, but they can't do this unless I can prove this is a firmware issue.

Also we have found replacing the fibre card and adding the new fibre to the EVA has fixed them. But were expecting to upgrade on over 100 servers, and i'm worried they will expect us to replace 50 odd fibre cards.
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Re: BL465c boot from SAN problems with QMH2462

We have had 2 blades with the same fault, and we've swapped the fibre cards in these blades, and both are now working. So any idea what could have caused this?
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Re: BL465c boot from SAN problems with QMH2462

without knowing SAN config, zoning, EVA config it's hard to tell anything wise.

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