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Bad VC FC Module (??)

The Brit
Honored Contributor

Bad VC FC Module (??)

I just set up a new enclosure and I am having a problem with one of the VC FC modules.

The first indication was when I couldnt get it to pick up the EBIPA IP address.

Looking at the module from the OA side it looks OK, except that it is not reporting its FW version.

Looking at it from VC side shows the problem, no OA communication (see attachment).

I have tried reseating the bad module several times, swapped it with the module which is working, and tried several different bays, all with the same result.

Any additional suggestions about what I might try??

Any reason to think it might NOT be a bad module??

VCM firmware is at 2.10 and FC is at 1.30 (on the GOOD module). Am waiting to get this resolved before attempting upgrade to current. (OA is at 2.60)

On the Firmware screen the module shows as "Module is missing, unresponsive or powered Off".

Thanks in advance.

The Brit
Honored Contributor

Re: Bad VC FC Module (??)

The Attachment.....
Benoy Daniel
Trusted Contributor

Re: Bad VC FC Module (??)

Did you see any error message in the OA syslog?
Frequent Advisor

Re: Bad VC FC Module (??)

1. Remove from the bay for 10 minutes.
2. insert back and verify the communication.
3. Not solved?...Move both of them to a differetn bay and verify.
4.Flash the same firmware one more time on problematic module.

5.Not solved?. ask hp for replacement.

I have faced the same issue on a brand new VC FC modules with new enclosure.
The Brit
Honored Contributor

Re: Bad VC FC Module (??)

Bad Module.