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Blade Server Power on Issue

Occasional Contributor

Blade Server Power on Issue

Hi dears


we have a c7000 enclosure holds about 7 blade servers, one of them can not powered on, it stays on standby mode (off) . Even if I pull it out of the enclosure and insert it back. I used the on board administrator, its status is OK, and has its the IP address and port mapping as well, also virtual connection is OK.


even if I hold the mandatory press or physical power button, the server does not respond.

We have  data on the internal server hardisk.


can any one help for how to make this server response or sort this problem out.

I appreciate your help in advance



Honored Contributor

Re: Blade Server Power on Issue

What's the blade model? Is it supported by the OA firmware level? (With the newer blades, there is a certain minimum OA firmware version requirement.)


The OA can be configured to restrict the total power input to the enclosure if the full power is more than the in-house wiring and breakers can handle. See if there is such a restriction configured: if there is, check the power feed and have an electrician upgrade it if necessary before removing the restriction. (Overloading the in-house wiring and breakers may cause them to heat excessively, resulting in a risk of fire.)


Are all the power supplies of the enclosure OK?

Occasional Contributor

Re: Blade Server Power on Issue

thanks for your reply Matti


the blade model is (HP ProLiant BL460c G1) enclosure c7000, the power managment is configured in a dynemic power, and it states that  (Present Power 1114 Watts AC, Power Limit 5472 Watts AC). also entire the power supplies in the enclosure are OK. (on or two of them are in standby mode which respose to any power request automatecally)..


I have tried to isert that blade server instead of another blade server location which is working properly, the last one is went to the same state of the former one. 


what i think is that while the firmware of the enclosure is more than two years old and it needs to be updated , do you think is this causes the issue. or the enclosure can work properly.



The Brit
Honored Contributor

Re: Blade Server Power on Issue

What is your OA version???
Occasional Contributor

Re: Blade Server Power on Issue

the details about the OA is


Product Name     HP Onboard Administrator

Firmware Version     2.10

Firmware Date    2007-11-13T22:42:53Z