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Blade compatibilty question

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Blade compatibilty question

I would like to know if the Onboard Administrator fw version 3.21 is compatible with ILO2 version 1.82.
I also wonder if I can mantain the BIOS version on my Proliant BL680 G5 (I17 03/02/2010) and my Proliant BL460c G6 (I24 03/30/2010)
Must I upgrade both ILO2 and BIOS on them or can I mantain it when upgrading the OA to fw version 3.21..?
Zygmunt Krawczyk
Honored Contributor

Re: Blade compatibilty question

OA 3.21 is compatible with iLO 1.82. See the comatibility in the link:

My recommendation is to upgrade BL680c G5 BIOS to ver 2010.10.25 and iLO to ver 2.05.
Honored Contributor

Re: Blade compatibilty question

Check tis link:

Choose compatability and scroll down.

You will see, that everything supportet under release set 2010.3 is supportet with oa 3.21.

If any of your fw isn't on the list, it's not supportet. (Too old or recalled).

The PMC must be 3.4 or 0.5.