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Blade server network problem.
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Blade server network problem.

I had a c class blade enclosure with 4 nos of bl 460 servers.
I had installed win2k3 server on all the blades.But am not able to establish between the blades.
What to do for that?
Moreover i want login to switch.The switch which came along ieth the enclosure is not having the management port.
What to do for that?
Thanx to all for helping!

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Re: Blade server network problem.


One more Information, there two gigabit cards in the bl 460 server.I had done the teaming for the two cards and the ip was given to that teamed adapter.While we are pinging from one of the server to the other blades its showing requested timeout.Self pinging is working fine from each server and the drivers are cinfigured correctly.


Rob Leadbeater
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Re: Blade server network problem.

Hi Prasanth,

How did you build the servers ? I know on earlier blades when cloned with RDP, that the MAC address of the network team got cloned to all of the servers. Therefore things got confused when pinging between them.

The solution was to break, then recreate the team.

Check whether this is your problem by looking at the MAC address of the team in the output of ipconfig /all

Hope this helps,


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Re: Blade server network problem.

I can confirm that if you create a NIC Team using HP Networking software the MAC address gets cloned. This is due to the MAC address being stored in the registry, which gets cloned with RDP (even if properly sysprep'd).

You could break the team and reform it, or there is a simpler one step process you can take. If you open up the HP Network Configuration Utility, and then go to properties on the Network Team, there is a tab called "Settings" which will show your current MAC address. If you click 'Restore Default' it will change the MAC address of your NIC Team from the cloned MAC to the MAC of one of your internal NICs.