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C3000 Enclosure

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C3000 Enclosure

Hi All

This may sound like a really silly question but i have a fully populated c3000 and i have an external usb hard disk that i need one of the blades to boot from, i cant see anywhere on how to do this.

The blades are BL460 can anyone give me some good instructions on how to acheive this.


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Re: C3000 Enclosure

I'm not really sure if it works, but you can try to use usb\vga cable (some times called octopus) connected to blade which you want to boot from usb. But there can be another problem with power: even if you can boot using this cable, you may haven't enough power for external hdd. As alternate way, you can use usb flash connected to internal usb port of server - this should work.
Adrian Clint
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Re: C3000 Enclosure

Plugin the USB on your PC/laptop and mount the drive thru the iLO virtual media and boot that way.
Michal N.

Re: C3000 Enclosure


You can also connect external HDD containing ISO you want to boot from to OA USB port. Then in OA webinterface go to enclosure settings -> DVD drive and connect ISO to virtual media of blade you need to boot from it.

By using this option you will have possiblity to connect ISO from HDD to any of the blades.

You can store multiple images on this hdd and boot any server from any iso.

There is some limitation tho:
It all goes thru ILO network which is only 100MBps and second HDD has to be FAT32 formatted.

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Re: C3000 Enclosure

Thanks for all you help guys

I think i will go with the option of putting usb internally into the blade as this seems to work well, thanks again for all your help.