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Can't Ping from Second GBE2C


Can't Ping from Second GBE2C



I am very new to HP bladesystems and have run into an issue with my initial setup.


Currently I have a C7000 enclosure with 460c blades in bays 1 and 9.  I have an SB40c blade in bay 2.  Both of the 460cs have esxi installed on them and currently only the blade in bay 1 is hoting vms (all of which are being served iscsi from the sb40c).  I have two GBE2c switches currenlty in interconnect bays 1 and 2.  The servers only have the two embedded NICs with no additonal mezzanie cards installed.  The issue I am running into is that when I assign a new vm port group to the second physical adapter shown on the esxi host I cannot ping the systems from the second GBE2c switch in interconnect bay 2.  My understanding is that one of the physcial nics on the 460 servers maps to the GBE2c switch in interconnect bay 1 and the second to interconnect bay 2.  From the GBE2C in interconnect bay 1 I can ping any of the VMs provided they are in the vm port group that is assigned to the first physical server NIC.  I really hope there is something stupid I am missing as to why I can't ping anything assigned to the second physical nic.  Thanks.....