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Error - Lost communication with ILO

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Error - Lost communication with ILO



I have severall servers BL465c G5 without ILO communication. The ILO FW is 2.12 and the OA have FW 3.60.






Re: Error - Lost communication with iLO


Depending if all the blades with this issue are all in one enclosure and also if there is one or two OA's -


If the issue was with just one blade / or one bay the issue is different, you mention several blades...


For a quick test, you can remove the OA/s wait for a couple of minutes, then remove the OA Tray,  wait for a couple of minutes and then put back the OA Tray securely and then the OA/s, this should resolve any intermittent connectivity issues, if any.


You could have a support call raised and ask for the logs to be checked to see if the support team can find any error messages in the logs. If the device is under warranty or contract HP will be able to help resolve the issue.

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Re: Error - Lost communication with ILO



given that the answers were a bit late, did you already solve the issue?


As stated before you could reseat the OA and the OA tray and see if the communication comes back again.

Depending how many blades are affected and if they have to stay productive, you could reseat them as well, if the first step did not work.
Concerning your firmware. The combination should be ok, since it is from the SPP 2012.08.0. So that should be fine.



Have you tried to reach the iLO directly?



I am an HP employee.

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Re: Error - Lost communication with ILO

Can you ping the iLOs when this issue happens?

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