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How to enable HBA via ILO

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How to enable HBA via ILO

Could i ask how to enable HBA via ILO? Someone has disabled HBA, I know HBA can be enabled in BIOS, but the network is too slow, i can't catch the screen through ILO web remote console, can you give me a hand? thanks
Dan Robinson_4
Regular Advisor

Re: How to enable HBA via ILO

I don't think it can be enabled that way.

In the OA, click on your problem blade and then under one of the sub tabs there is a way to control the behavior of the server upon the next reboot. I believe there is an option in there for RBSU. Set ti to that and hit Apply.
Then reboot (gracefully) the server.

It should boot into RBSU and just sit there giving you plenty of time to get into the Remote Console and make the change.

If the Chassis is nearby, you can also use the SUB Cable (KVM Dongle) and just connect to the front of the blade so you have realtime access to the Keyboard and Monitor.