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Reusing WWNs in Virtual Connect

Brett Simpson
Frequent Advisor

Reusing WWNs in Virtual Connect

We have an dual-port HBA that only has one port working in the fabric. We've replaced the HBA and discovered that the problem is with the profile in Virtual Connect. We'd created a new profile and that solved the problem of the ports communicating with the SAN. The only issue is that we would have to re-zone/mask them at the SAN. Is there a way to manually assign/reuse the old virtual WWN's on the new profile?
kris rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: Reusing WWNs in Virtual Connect

Hi Brett,

if i understand your issue correctly, you do use one of the HP predefined WWN adress ranges, correct ? (and not the FC HBA factory default WWN's )

Not sure then why this does not work b/c re-applying the original profile should just write the WWN from that profile into the new FC HBA and you should be all set.... Apparently this did not work for you.

Never ran in to this issue, replaced FC HBA cards before but it worked as expected in my case.



Re: Reusing WWNs in Virtual Connect

I am guessing that you may have been using the factor default WWN that was on the mezz card that you replaced and not virtual VC generated WWNs. If that is true, then really nothing that you can do to avoid changing the SAN configuration. However, if you were indeed using virtual VC generated WWNs, then it should work. I have personally moved profiles across blades and changed mezz cards on many occasions and the original WWNs get used and it all works like a charm.

Please double check and provide more details.
Brett Simpson
Frequent Advisor

Re: Reusing WWNs in Virtual Connect

You are correct that we are using the pre-defined, virtual WWN's and not the actual HBA WWN's.

Here's the issue: The profile that we were using is the problem. When we created a different profile, both ports of the HBA worked, but had different virtual WWN's. We want to blow away the original profile and reuse the WWN's associated with it so that we don't have to remask/rezone on the SAN side. BTW, we're still using the original HBA.
Brett Simpson
Frequent Advisor

Re: Reusing WWNs in Virtual Connect

I spoke with HP support and was informed that this feature is not available at this time.