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Script blade using SSH by PHP

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Script blade using SSH by PHP



I'm try to configure many blade server on few C7000 enclosure.


i'm correctly conected to my enclosure but each time when i try to connect on one blade i'm directly disconected.


User:OAtmp-Administrator-54003E7C logged-in to 
HP BladeSystem Onboard Administrator
(C) Copyright 2006-2014 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.

OA-10604BA3D313 [SCRIPT MODE]> connect server 6

Connecting to bay 6 ...

Connection terminated by user's session.

OA-10604BA3D313 [SCRIPT MODE]>  set /system1 oemhp_servername=wxcvbn 

Invalid Arguments

How can i fix my trouble with :

Connection terminated by user's session.


Here is my php code :

 function ssh($host, $login, $mdp, $command)
  if (!function_exists("ssh2_connect")) die("function ssh2_connect doesn't exist");
   if(!($con = ssh2_connect($host, 22))){
   echo "échec connexion\n";
  else {
   if(!ssh2_auth_password($con, $login, $mdp)) {
            echo "échec authentification\n";
   else {
    // execute a command
    if (!($stream = ssh2_exec($con, $command ))) {
     echo "échec de l'exécution de la commande\n";
    else {
     // collect returning data from command
     stream_set_blocking($stream, true);
     $data = "";
     while ($buf = fread($stream,4096)) {
      $data .= $buf;
     return $data;

 $ch = $_SESSION['c'];
 $la = $_SESSION['l'];
 $no = $_SESSION['n'];

 include ('base_sql.php'); //infos de connexion à la base SQL
   $sql = "SELECT IP_OA FROM `enclosure` WHERE NOM = '$ch'";
   $req = mysql_query($sql);
      $ipc = $ip_enclosure['IP_OA'];
$command = "connect server ".$la."\n set /system1 oemhp_servername=".$no." ";

$ret = ssh($ipc, 'Admin_account', 'password', $command);
echo '<pre>' . $ret . '</pre>';



Thanks by advance or your help.

Regular Visitor

Re: Script blade using SSH by PHP



Nobody have an explaination about "connexion teminated by user's session" just after this command :


connect server "nbr"\n set /system1 oemhp_servername="servername"


Even if i remove 'set /system ...' i have the same issue.


help please .....