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Servers with 2 disks, reporting 3 disks in ORCA

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Servers with 2 disks, reporting 3 disks in ORCA

I've seen a few servers with this issue, and i hoped there was an easy fix, i'll give an example lets say we have a BL25p G1 which can hold a max of 2 disks and has a 6i controller. what happens is a disk fails, so it gets replaced, but for some reason the system doesn't rebuild the info on that disk. and when you go in to the RAID configuration it shows 1 disk working fine, 1 disk as unknown status (disk that was replaced) and now a 3rd disk which it doesn't know what to do with as the system was only expecting 2 disks at RAID 1. The question is can you get the system to delete the unknown disk, and then add the 3rd disk in to the raid set, and then build it back in to the raid set?

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Re: Servers with 2 disks, reporting 3 disks in ORCA

It seem to be the ghost ID problem.


The failed disk, got a wrong SCSI ID, and there's no easy way out.


There's things you can try, but it's a risk.


Or you could add the 3rd disk as a hot spare. This will leave your Array in a waiting for a replacement state for ever, using the spare.


The best solution is to backup all data, delete the RAID and rebuild the server from scratch.


I do recommend to do a firmware upgrade, under all circumstances.




Jimmy Vance

Re: Servers with 2 disks, reporting 3 disks in ORCA

Try running the Array Diagnostics Utility, it will usually sort out this type of error


Normal disclaimer:

Make sure you have a good backup in case you have to re-create the raid set from scratch



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