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Transfer rate between blades in C7000

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Transfer rate between blades in C7000

Hi guys,


I'm resonsible for the systems administration of our network. I've had little in way of formal training so need a little help with a (possible) issue we're having.


When I transfer a large file (eg 80GB VHD) from one blade to another (both HP ProLiant BL460c Gen8) I find the transfer rate to be around 60MB/s. Now my understanding is they have 10Gb NICs so why am I not seeing a transfer rate above 1GB/s? My theory is the transfer is going out the blade enclosure and coming back in so we have a config issue (possibly in Virtual Connect) but I'm not sure how to investigate this. 


Look forward to your replies



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Re: Transfer rate between blades in C7000


Check the profile configuration of both blades, if the NICs are configured with Simple network or uplink sets, then your traffic are going through core switches, if you are looking for traffic between the blades without going to the core swithces, then you can configure a simple network without uplink port, and the speed should increase.




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Re: Transfer rate between blades in C7000

so the concept of Virtual Connect Networking is almost he same as VMware ESXi standard vSwitch ?

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Re: Transfer rate between blades in C7000

Hi, sorry for the delay. Thanks for the reply, I believe this is the right track. Unfortunately I can't seem to get around this.


We had Smart Link ticked so I've unticked that but it has made no difference. I then looked at configuring additional uplink ports (I believe each one is 1Gb) but we only have one connected phsically and I don't have access to connect more. Either way this isn't what you were talking about, although it might provide additional throughput.


So given Smart Link hasn't worked, and looking at the cookbook that's the only thing we had different, what else can be done?