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VC 3.01 Firmware issues - Major problems

Frequent Advisor

VC 3.01 Firmware issues - Major problems

We upgraded our VC Flex-10 modules to 3.01, which was recently released. Unfortunately, this release has several negatives.

First, the GUI now seems to be based on Flash! It is more responsive, but Flash is the devil's plugin. By that I mean it seems to have security problems nearly every week, and also crashes IE from time to time. I would qualify it as one of the worst plugs in IE. Plus we ban it on all servers because it's such a magnet for security problems.

Second, some GUI options seem to be broken. For example, if I go into an active server profile using mapped VLANs and want to add or delete a network, there's no way in the GUI to do that any more. No more "X" to delete or "Add" button to include more networks. Makes using mapped VLANs impossible.

I applaud the faster interface, but migrating it to Flash, still not supporting IE 8 natively, and the missing GUI options make this release unusable.
Michael Leu
Honored Contributor

Re: VC 3.01 Firmware issues - Major problems

I am also not at all happy with the decision to use Flash. But I can understand HP using the technology with the (percieived) least support cost. When you have whole companies/countries using using IE6 exclusively, supporting VC Manager in JavaScript might have givem them too many support headaches.

To add connections to a profile you now need to right-click on a existing connection for a Flash based context menu to appear. Which means even more clicks needed now... :-(
Frequent Advisor

Re: VC 3.01 Firmware issues - Major problems

Ya what's up with that right clicking to add/delete connections now? The former GUI was MUCH more intuitive with the "X" button to delete and an add button.

HP really went several steps back in this release. They need to revert back to the old interface, or future BladeSystem purchases are in grave jeopardy.